Date: September 29, 2016; 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Emerge Interactive, 412 SW 12th Ave (2nd Floor), Portland
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Experience design is a cross-discipline, multi-stage problem-solving process that puts the user first. It’s also a creative approach that’s essential to developing digital interactive systems that are delightful, meaningful, and useful to the people who use them. Here at Emerge, we see experience design as the driver for creating indispensable digital experiences.

Damon Gaumont,  Associate Creative Director
:: Emerge Interactive

Damon is responsible for leading brand and user experience strategy and design at Emerge. He connects the dots from the emotional and practical needs of target audiences to the brand objectives. Damon has developed brand experiences for Nike, Gap Inc., Microsoft, Nintendo, and more.

Heather McLendon, Digital Communications Manager 
:: Oregon Health & Sciences University Foundation

Heather has more than five years of intensive experience within digital strategy and tactical design. As a digital strategist with the Oregon Health & Sciences University Foundation, she creates meaningful experiences by blending interactive design and story within digital spaces to engage and empower individuals, and drive action.

We lead by example, illustrating by way of practical application, best practices, use-cases, and more. Our tactics will help attendees understand what it takes to build experiences that matter.

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