We Are Emerge

A great idea is just the beginning. Making it real is what we live for. We’re the rocket fuel to our clients’ highest ideals. A brain-trust you can have a beer with. A partner that delivers end-to-end strategies and keen creative insights that ladder to meaningful, engaging, lasting solutions. It all starts here.

We strive to make a difference

Whether we’re volunteering for a cause, reducing our carbon footprint, or co-creating a more conscientious business, here’s just a slice of how we strive to make a difference.

Current status from: 01/01/2019 to 03/21/2019


2045.9106 kWh of energy saved


When you have a natural light source, why block it? Our office has several skylights that let nature’s light bulb do its thing. We keep the lights dimmed when it’s light out, saving energy and cutting bulb waste.


1102.321 Lbs. of trash recycled


We diligently recycle our metals, plastics, and glass--and we generate very little paper waste. As a digital agency, we prefer to keep our files in the cloud and our PDFs on the screen.


50737.04 Lbs. of CO2 offset


Carbon offsets cool our electricity and fuel use, and we buy renewable energy credits for the servers that power our clients' websites 24/7. These sites support wind farm construction.


1209.233 Gallons of gasoline saved


70% of our team members walk or bike to work, use public transportation or telecommute. Besides being healthier and less stressful than sitting in traffic, it cuts back on pollution and gas consumption. And honking.