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PRESS RELEASE :: Emerge Interactive Launches New Weekly Podcast, Mobile First

PRESS RELEASE :: Emerge Interactive Launches New Weekly Podcast, Mobile First

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PORTLAND, OREGON — November 9, 2016    Emerge Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of business strategy, user experience, web and mobile solutions, today announced the launch of the company’s new podcast series, Mobile First.

Broadcast from the Silicon Forest of Portland, Oregon, and hosted by Jordan Bryant, Director of Mobile Strategy at Emerge, Mobile First (or M1) is a weekly podcast that puts the spotlight on mobile — what it means, where it’s going, and how it’s shaping innovation and strategy in an always-on world. Every week, Bryant interviews mobile’s key players from a diverse array of industries. Via engaging conversation and one-on-one dialog, Bryant and his guests dig into the strategy, user insights, and technology driving the latest in mobile business innovation.

“Mobile is often the first screen in the customer journey. People need practical information to help them navigate this new, rapidly changing marketplace. We’ve created the Mobile First podcast to do just that,” said Jonathon Hensley, CEO of Emerge Interactive. “With Mobile First, we’ll not only uncover the strategies driving business forward, we’ll meet the people charged with bringing these strategies to life. Their perspective and personal experiences add a depth of meaning to the larger issues we’ll explore.”

Brought to market by Emerge Interactive, Mobile First offers powerful perspectives and actionable insights into how mobile is changing the way people live. The show accomplishes this through a potent combination of guests’ wisdom from the trenches, host Jordan Bryant’s entrepreneurial viewpoints, and Emerge’s vetted experience building indispensable digital experiences for iconic and boutique brands.

“I’m thrilled to bring some energy and simplicity to a topic that’s often overly complicated and hard to digest,” explained Bryant. “As a serial entrepreneur, I’m fascinated by the inspiration and strategies that fuel new ideas and movements. I’m equally intrigued by the thought-leaders who drive them: it’s an honor and a whole lot of fun to learn what makes them tick!”

Building on that, Mobile First is a podcast inspired by a movement. A paradigm shift. A new way of life.

Mobile-first design is a strategy for connecting with users in the moments that matter, delivering experiences that are effortless, immediate, and contextually relevant. Mobile-first isn’t a buzzword. It’s not a trend. It’s not a web-versus-app mentality. Mobile-first is about the role mobile plays in the way people live their lives. It means brands have unprecedented opportunities — to engage customers, and modernize the way they do business, from that first mobile-moment to simultaneous experiences across devices.

The Mobile First podcast helps listeners understand this rapidly changing creative, business, and technical landscape from those who are leading the era. Join us every week for insights into what mobile means today and where it’s going tomorrow.

Mobile-first design has stood the test of time. Neither a trend nor a buzzword, mobile-first is a reality — a new constant in the always-on world. The Mobile First podcast explores the modality’s wide wake, along with the innovators, and innovations, that continue to cut a path forward.

“Mobile First is a forum for engagement, education, and understanding geared for anyone with a mind for strategy, disruption, and scale,” Bryant declared. “Think of it as your weekly dose of innovation conversation. We hope you’ll join us and subscribe!”


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About Emerge Interactive, Inc.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Emerge builds premium digital experiences that help brands scale in an always-on world. As a collaborative partner for progressive companies, Emerge delivers web and mobile solutions that are born from a powerful combination of business strategy, experience design, and technology.  

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To learn more about the Mobile First podcast, visit Emerge News at http://www.emergeinteractive.com/insights#news.


Media Contacts

Jordan Bryant
Show Host, Mobile First
Director of Mobile Strategy, Emerge Interactive, Inc.
[email protected]
+1 (541) 490-7896

Alice Puckett
Producer, Mobile First
Communications Manager, Emerge Interactive, Inc.
[email protected]
+1 (503) 922-3483 ext 110


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