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Emerge Shares the Secret Sauce

Emerge Shares the Secret Sauce


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Our team chats with the next generation of #SOcreative technologists.

Learning is a life-long journey. At Emerge, we strive to ride the bleeding edge of technology. Whether we’re talking to mobile-first innovators or sharing frameworks to avoid technical debt, we provide our partners indispensable digital experiences. A large part of that equation involves staying in touch with the next generation of technologists.

Code is Life. Or at least it is very, very helpful.

We find that sharing our story with the next generation of front-line students keeps us on our toes, and builds a community based on a deep well of experiences, skill sets, education, interests, and passions. There is emerging research that whether a person chooses to become a computer scientist or not, coding is something that will help a person do more in whatever field they choose.

#SOcreative Crew

This month, Emerge hosted 12 students from Southern Oregon University’s Creative Careers Bootcamp (#SOcreative), as a part of their 5 day tour of 17 innovative Portland companies. We shared our insight learn more about work and life at a UX agency here in Portland.

Fielding great questions from the students, we discussed topics ranging from how your area of focus/study at school and can impact or limit opportunity in the professional world  – to technical questions about wireframing tools and even influencer marketing.

Organizer and Adjunct Professor, Erik Palmer revealed, “Emerge Interactive was among the highlights of Southern Oregon University’s Creative Careers Bootcamp, a week-long course in which our students tour the most exciting marketing and tech employers in Portland’s booming creative job market. Over and over again, visiting companies like Emerge proves transformative for our students. They finish the Bootcamp understanding both the possibilities for creative employment in Portland, and the work they need to do to get ready for those dynamic careers.

Nate Webb chats with Southern Oregon University's Creative Bootcamp

A few of us Emergians described how we arrived at Emerge Interactive, the experiences that we bring to the table and how the job market values not only the technical skills, but also the intangibles: the soft skills that help employees and employers create a productive culture of respect and fun. Sr. Producer, Christa Arriaga-Volker shared:

“You want to care deeply, bring your whole self and show up.

You also need to ask questions, and challenge directly.”

Our Director of Business Development, Nate Webb, discussed the work Emerge produces for our clients, and how building relationships is where we excel. He answered candid questions about how to network, reach out for informational interviews, and more, based on his extensive experience recruiting for staffing agencies.

Nate Webb chats with Southern Oregon University's Creative Bootcamp

Nate shared that our UX designers, digital producers, and software developers are highly skilled, but as our CEO, Jonathon Hensley, pointed out in his recent Tech Talk: “What I look for in a Software Developer” — nearly all roles at Emerge are client-facing, meaning that we value communication skills, empathy, teamwork and above all, standing in your authority with confidence. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

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