Ep. 16 – Dr. Martens w/ VP Global Digital, Kyle Duford and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

Ep. 16 – Dr. Martens w/ VP Global Digital, Kyle Duford and Jordan Bryant on the Mobile First Podcast

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A former magazine editor with a focus on the outdoor and sports industry, Kyle has successfully merged design, sales and best practice into his ecommerce career. His knowledge of the space and how it relates to ecommerce is unparalleled, working with companies like Dr Martens, Chrome Industries, KEEN, Nau, Xterra Wetsuits, Retül, Ski Racing, Rudy Project, SKORA Running, Blue Seventy Wetsuits, Nuun, Endurance Conspiracy, Inside Triathlon and Carmichael Training Systems, among others.

His specialties of both on- and off-site optimization, plus his digital marketing and A/B testing acumen is the basis of how he builds teams focused on a “test, learn, repeat” philosophy. Kyle is also an expert email marketer and has had many campaigns on Campaign Monitor’s annual Top 100 list. He has led teams by collaborating with buyers and merchandisers, producers and marketing specialists, site managers (domestic, European and Asian), and analysts to fulfill an overarching global digital/ecommerce strategy.

As a Magento expert, he was also a 2012 Webby Award honoree for Best Practices. He is a noted speaker on oft-controversial topics on the direction of ecommerce.

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