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Interview with TopLine MD and Femwell Group Health, Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer Dr. Geeta Nayyar

Interview with TopLine MD and Femwell Group Health, Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer Dr. Geeta Nayyar

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Reshaping Healthcare and Patient Engagement through Transparency and Provider Access (Ep. 38)

Dr. Nayyar currently serves as the Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer for TopLine MD and Femwell Group Health, Inc., one of the largest management services organizations in the state of Florida. She is also the host of “Topline MD TV,” Florida’s newest medical digital news channel. She has been named one of the “Top 26 smartest people in Health IT” by Becker’s Report and ranked one of the “Top 25 Minority Healthcare Executives” by Modern Healthcare. Med City News recognized her as one of the Top 12 Powerful Women Voices in Healthcare Innovation and on Twitter.


Highlights of Our Conversation with Our Guest:

  • Geeta shares that her passion is engaging with people in a meaningful way, and she discovered that medicine was the perfect entry point. She believes healthcare is a very personal thing, and while there are many solutions in healthcare and medicine, oftentimes it’s the systemic dysfunction in healthcare delivery processes which hampers care. She aims to improve the process to enable people to deliver exceptional health care. She initially found that she could make a more meaningful impact one-on-one as a physician, however as she witnessed the extensive process dysfunction – policies, administrative medical and legal issues, technology – she made the switch to a more global impact, and seek to deliver process improvement.
  • Femwell Group Health is a management services organization in South Florida which manages the back office of about 500 physicians. Geeta finds her work gratifying as she can make decisions which can scale and finds it exciting to see what our technologies can do from a business and administrative approach, reaching new and previously inaccessible patients.
  • As the Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer for Femwell Group Health, she manages their marketing brand called Topline MD which represents the 500+ doctors and pushes the needle in terms of social media. They also provide data to their group doctors as well as their patients to give a custom snapshot of their performance, which results in better outcomes – providing all the tools needed for effective patient care.
  • The origins of Topline MD was borne from the realization that every consumer is on social media. Transparency is one of their motivations – bringing insights from physicians in their programs to give people a preview of the personalities of the doctors before they invest in building a provider-patient relationship. Many patients quickly forget physician instructions – so they created a library in YouTube in order to index crucial health advice from their doctors. It is important to meet consumers where they are – and Topline MD is connecting the patient experience.
  • Curating the Topline MD editorial calendar involves a combination of working with their physicians on what they want to see and actively soliciting feedback from patients and social media.
  • The surprise and delight in creating Topline MD is finding out that their docs are mostly camera shy – they would rather do multiple surgeries than be behind a camera! Geeta shares their discoveries about how to engage patients on social media, and the warm welcome received from the community.
  • Geeta is excited about patient engagement to lead the future in health care and the wonderful outcomes that it can foster. She shares though that the big limitation for innovation in patient experience is regulation. Take telemedicine, for example: mitigating the risk for liability exposure and figuring out reimbursements for doctors which needs to integrate with insurance. She is extremely excited about the technology solutions and watching the telemedicine space grow with HIPAABridge and expanding their work PCMH partner HealthGrid.

Rapid Fire Questions

  • What is your definition of innovation?

Innovation is revolution. It’s all about taking things, putting them upside down, taking them sideways, looking at them differently and really trying to revolutionize whatever it is that you are trying to innovate.

  • Would you put more emphasis on the idea or the execution? How would you weigh each of them and why?

It’s all about the execution. We all have great ideas but they are lost if you cannot execute on them so I would say 90% execution and 10% idea.

  • What is your biggest learning lesson on your journey so far?

That I do not have all the answers and that nobody does.

  • What is your favorite business book?

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Thrive by Arianna Huffington

The Patient Will See You Now by Eric Topol

  • What is your favorite digital resource?

HIMSS – Healthcare Information and Management System Society

  • What is your favorite app?