Ep. 43 – InComm w/ SVP and GM Digital Solutions Mike Fletcher and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

Ep. 43 – InComm w/ SVP and GM Digital Solutions Mike Fletcher and Jordan Bryant on Mobile First

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Solving Challenges and Complex Problems to Improve Customer Experience.

Mike Fletcher is the General Manager of InComm Digital Solutions, leading a team of 140 employees who are focused on providing digital and physical gift card fulfillment and services for InComm’s mobile, incentive, reward and e-commerce partners. InComm Digital Solutions powers digital and physical gift cards services for hundreds of leading bands in North America and abroad. Prior to his role at InComm, Mike was co-founder and CMO of Giftango. Giftango was a pioneer of digital gift cards and developed the industry-leading digital gifting platform for the incentive, loyalty, reward and mobile application industries and served customers in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. Giftango was acquired by InComm in December 2012. Prior to Giftango, Mike was COO of Point West Credit Union. He spent time analyzing mobile payment initiatives on behalf of the Credit Union industry as part of the Filene i3 program.

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Highlights of Our Conversation with Our Guest

Mike loves learning and new challenges and one of the things which excite him is complex problems and the end-to-end process of those complex problems. The notion of seeing an opportunity to fix something and improve lives or processes; and putting together a vision, chasing after it and taking it to fruition is something of interest to him. He also loves growth so it is exciting for him to work with bright people and help them in their professional growth. Customer experience and making lives better through the things that they are working on is definitely also among the list of his passions.

Mike has shown entrepreneurial skills as early as 12 years old when he mowed lawns and discovered the need for marketing. At the age of 16, he started a company pulling out carpets and prepping floors, which led to a slightly more complex process of the business after that. The understanding of the importance of how each facet of the task tie up together and how, if they work together, it will all end right, fascinated him ever since.

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