Ep. 52 – SAP Interconnect with Head of Product Management Vaibhav Vohra and Jordan Bryant

Ep. 52 – SAP Interconnect with Head of Product Management Vaibhav Vohra and Jordan Bryant

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Vaibhav is a highly motivated and experienced VP, Head of Product Management with corporate strategy/operations experience. He has launched Cloud Products that have won 5 awards (including 3 UX/design, 1 big data as a service, and 1 marketing award) at SAP in the enterprise line of business space. He is passionate about delivering delightful experiences to customers ranging from Fortune 500 to SMB’s.

He has launched 4 SaaS and PaaS enterprise line of business products in the last year, co-innovating with some of the largest brands, retailers, and ad agencies in the world. This includes SAP’s first data as a service product line. In addition, he has launched innovative products in a number of areas including authentication, organizational resiliency, geospatial. He has launched Cloud products and services in the area of emergency notifications, authentication, consumer insight, developer ecosystem and tools.

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Mobile can transform relationships, every minute, of every hour, of every day.” – Vaibhav Vohra, Head of Product Management, SAP Interconnect

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