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Empowering Digital Product Leaders
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Solving complex digital product challenges.

When you can’t afford to get it wrong we’re here to help. We create smart products, web and mobile solutions.

From digital transformation to incremental improvement, we navigate the complexities of delivering great digital products. We offer a depth of knowledge and experience to identify, diagnose and solve your biggest challenges and unlock untapped opportunities.

Every interaction with a user is an opportunity. Every touch-point a chance to engage them in an impactful and meaningful way. Let’s remove the barriers between you and your customers. Our approach is objective-based and starts with understanding your audiences and their journeys to craft the most engaging products and services that cater to their specific needs.

To deliver a great digital experience across every screen you need great development, to prioritize continuous delivery, integrate real user feedback, collect data and improve based upon new insights. We help our clients bridge the execution gap offering end-to-end technology leadership, planning, implementation and management to provide peace-of-mind, increased quality, and lowering risk.

Digital Products


Design, create, deliver and scale exceptional mobile products that meet audiences where they instinctively reach to first for information — their mobile device.

Patient Experience

Provide a turnkey solution for your medical organization looking to increase patient engagement, systems integration, regulation compliance, recruitment, and self-service enablement.


Your website is how your customers experience your brand. Ensure their experience is the best it can be by educating, inspiring, communicating, servicing, and engaging with them.


Service your entire organization by creating customer and employee focused custom enterprise application platforms that integrate your systems and processes.

Internet of Things

Connect to and control your IoT hardware, and develop business intelligence through data analysis and automation to smartly adapt to your customers’ growing needs and expectations.


Bridge E-commerce integration with custom platform development to focus on an ideal customer experience with personalization, product/service configuration, and integration into back-office systems.

Emerge had lots of energy and were willing to take on any challenge. They kept commitments and delivered on promises. Instead of passively taking instructions, they proactively collaborated to make the best product possible.

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Our approach is a focus on what matters
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Co-Creation ApproachAt the heart of our methodology is people: your people and ours, merging
our two unique areas of expertise. Working as one unified team towards your objectives.

We focus on providing you and your team the experienced leadership and necessary skills needed to support every phase of your digital product or service initiative. This approach allows for the most impactful, efficient and agile collaboration. Then as necessary we are able to quickly and seamlessly scale up the team to deliver on mission critical milestones and needs. We call this hands on and immersive approach, Co-Creation.
Integrated CapabilitiesOur capabilities are independent yet fully integrated — allowing us to
support target outcomes at every stage of the product development lifecycle necessary to enable digital product transformation for your business.

These capabilities include product strategy grounded by your business vision, critical design thinking, and enterprise to consumer technology.

No silos. No outdated working models. No processes for process sake. No reinvention.
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