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Experience Design

Creating digital experiences that engage users at every touch-point.

Every interaction with a user is an opportunity. Every touch-point a chance to engage them in an impactful and meaningful way. Let’s remove the barriers between you and your customers. Our comprehensive user experience design services help you define new visions, realize new ideas, creating products and services, websites and mobile experiences across your company’s entire digital ecosystem.

Design Strategy

Distill complexity into intuitive simplicity by considering the most important and humanizing moments in your audience’s user experience when engaging with your organization, products and content. Effectively tell your unique story through a rich language, architecture, interaction, visual design that engage, educate, and move people to action.


Get the right content to the right user at the right time. Content is essential to your digital experience. Create clear and compelling content that will connect and guide your audience.

Information Architecture

Identify and map the elements necessary to make your product or service, website and mobile application a success. Eliminate the friction between your business and the customer. Address how your digital experience will scale across devices and channels. Create a seamless journey that considers how users navigate and flow through an experience from the top down, mapping the user tasks, content, functionality and interactions.

Visual Design

Make a great first impression, tell your story distinctly in your own way and never compromise your brand. Carefully craft your the user interface to elevate the digital experience. Your visual design is more than the sum of its parts, it transforms complexity into simplicity, making your digital experience accessible and actionable by your audiences.

Measurement + Optimization

Get the right data to measure the impact of your digital experience across channels in the moments that matter. Understand what drives users in their experiences — providing prescriptive pathways to optimization and refinement. With the right data you can make informed decisions that create better experiences and outcomes.

User Research

Gain insight into users, understand their needs/wants, identify their constraints and what resonates with them. Engage your users has part of the creative process, generate higher-value digital experiences and optimize existing ones to generate better results.

Design for the moments that matter in people’s lives, aligning crucial user insights with your vision and objectives. We design not just for today, but also with scalability in mind to help navigate the uncharted needs of tomorrow.

Let Emerge create your digital experience that engages users and helps you reach your business goals.

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