According to Gartner, two-thirds of business executives believe they must accelerate the pace of digitization to remain competitive. Those leading are shaping their enterprise mobile app strategy to create digital products that improve the customer or employee experience.

This is why we believe you should learn more about how personalization, wayfinding, and location based services can transform your business’ digital products and applications. In partnership with Aruba Networks, the industry leader in wireless networking solutions for today’s experience edge, we will explore these opportunities and how to approach your initiative to deliver successful results.

Watch our webinar to learn from industry leader Nick Newton with Aruba Networks and our team at Emerge to discover how to:

  • Deliver personalization for your employees or customers in your app
  • Unlock user insights and apply that knowledge to your product roadmap
  • Learn about the latest user experience strategies and technologies that can transform your business.

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Great digital products are born in response to a catalyst – whether insight or necessity – that enables business transformation. We have compiled 9 catalysts for why digital product transformation can create high-value solutions that enable increased revenue and performance.

Understanding these catalysts can be invaluable in identifying if your focus, time and resources should be invested into digital products or services.  This data should be leveraged by executives, product owners, and product managers alike.

These insights can help you make the business case for:

  • Creating something new   
  • Enhance an existing product or service 
  • Improve the support critical to your offering

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