When done right a strategy articulates the vision, defines the overarching goals you are aiming to achieve, and provides the understanding of the critical outcomes necessary. It provides a collective purpose, acts as the product’s true north, and facilitates effective collaboration across the entire product development lifecycle.

Using this tool you’ll learn:

  • What are the 9 elements of a digital product strategy
  • Prioritizing your chosen opportunities to maximize value
  • Assess what it will take to accomplish your strategic plan

Discover the best course of action for creating a well-defined strategic foundation.

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As a product manager, you are ultimately accountable to the user and responsible for ensuring they have a seamless interaction within your digital product environment. With so many tasks involved in the process of doing so, it can quickly become overwhelming to negotiate through them all unless you have a place to start and understand whether you are solving the right problems. Get clear on the tasks that matter with this user story tool that can help inform whether your digital product is tackling the right issues, right now.

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The catalysts that are sparking today’s new wave of experiences and technologies.

Great products are born in response to a catalyst – whether insight or necessity – that enables company transformation. We have compiled Nine Catalysts for Digital Transformation that are sparking today’s new wave of experiences and technologies.

Understanding your challenge and opportunity catalysts helps you focus on creating high-value solutions that enable increased sales and performance.