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A Groundbreaking New Brand Comes Into Focus

Client: Inotek Pharmaceuticals


Glaucoma impairs the vision of millions of people worldwide. As of today, there’s no cure. One of the companies working to change that is Inotek Pharmaceuticals. With a new injection-free treatment called Trabodenoson in the third stage of clinical trials, Inotek came to us in need of an entirely new brand identity and website. With a considerable amount of complex information to get across to an audience that included investors, regulatory agencies, and potential patients, Inotek's digital experience would need to be informative, elegant, and easy to navigate.

Inotek homepage screenshot


Within the first weeks of project kick-off, Inotek received a positive Phase II result from the FDA and needed to announce Phase III development to investors. What began as a tight three-month timeline quickly became even tighter: we had one month to launch an initial site with details of the FDA approvals. We got right to work, first developing and presenting to Inotek multiple corporate-identity concepts that showcased a rotating hierarchy of brand attributes. This allowed us to home in on a single concept that simultaneously hit key attributes while defining a distinct look-and-feel and branded voice-and-tone. The strategic execution of this phase was tight and efficient, allowing us to discern real and immediate value for each design option as we created a brand-mark with a clear and truthful portrayal of Inotek as a brand. We settled on the hexagon, a shape that was not only part of their previous identity system but also a symbol rooted in chemistry. By multiplying and rotating the hexagon, we were able to create an iris and pupil at the center of the word-mark. All of this spoke to the groundbreaking scientific work being done by Inotek to preserve eyesight for those suffering from glaucoma.

The new identity guided us in crafting a digital experience that achieved multiple aims: clear communication of Inotek’s extensive research, results, and news of its clinical developments, all presented in a way that would help people empathize with glaucoma patients. To heighten empathy, we built an emulator that allows users to see the screen as those living with glaucoma-reduced vision might. Additionally, as Trabodenoson gets closer to market, more and more users with limited vision will be viewing the site. With this in mind, accessibility guided key design and development decisions we made along the way. For example, the site features high color-contrast, a larger default-print size, assistive-technology-friendly UI, and a robust cross-browser experience that ensures easy navigation for everyone.

New Inotek brand
Elements of new Inotek website
Screenshot of glaucoma tool
Elements of new Inotek website


Despite a very tight timeline, we were able to define an entirely new brand identity and create a website that speaks to diverse audiences — from those just learning about what glaucoma is, to longer-term patients looking for new solutions, to investors curious about a bold company with big ambition and even bigger heart. We prioritized transparency and enabled information authenticity. And our universally empathic approach allowed us to construct an environment that served all needs, from providing education to inspiring visitors.