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Website and GRI Sustainability Report

Client: HCP, Inc.


HCP is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that serves the largest sector of the economy—the healthcare industry. As part of their strong emphasis on environmental and social responsibility, they release an annual GRI report documenting their progress toward more sustainable operations. HCP wanted a new perspective...

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They wanted better branding. They wanted fresh ideas. For all this, they turned to Emerge. We encouraged HCP to view the GRI report not just as a collection of important information but as a story that unfolds in a compelling and relatable way. The result has been something distinct and progressive—unexpected even—that’s thrilled the client not just for the report’s ability to convey data in a way that accurately reflects HCP’s story, but because we’ve been able to help them express a fresh new extension to their brand.

Emerge makes it a point to partner with agencies that provide the bulk of the GRI data. In this case, we worked with ISOS who developed most of the raw content for HCP’s report. To make the data-heavy report more engaging, we focused on human stories from the people behind the company, and we got the client excited about an interactively robust approach, including infographics that called out key points and brought their report—as well as their brand—into more modern territory.

HCP GRI Sustainability Report example
HCP website property map
HCP GRI Sustainability Report example
HCP GRI Sustainability Report example
HCP website samples
HCP GRI Sustainability Report example


The stories told by sustainability reports are compelling and increasingly urgent. They’re stories of daunting challenges and surprising partnerships, of gutsy action and bold ingenuity—they’re stories of people collaborating the world over to bring about real-world change.

It’s been inspiring to share in HCP’s excitement at being able to express their sustainable vision in a more transparent and effective way than they ever have before—a way that truly connects with their audience and positions them as a sustainability leader in their industry.