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Global Health Organization

PPE App for Hospitals

Emerge was approached by a global health organization to create a mobile application providing front-line healthcare workers with detailed instructions on how to leverage PPE to protect themselves and patients from COVID-19. The mission of this organization is To lead strategic collaborative efforts among Member States and other partners to promote equity in health, to combat disease, and to improve the quality of, and lengthen, the lives of the peoples of the Americas. In fulfilling this mission, the organization has worked tirelessly to promote proper use of PPE.
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We focused on understanding the different roles and various scenarios the healthcare workers encountered within a medical facility. With this information, we created a user-friendly directory of nearly 200 different positions and roles, and the corresponding recommended PPE. From the directory, users were guided to a combination of six different PPE items based on their specific needs. The medPPE app assists in protecting healthcare workers from COVID-19, allocates the resources and inventory more efficiently, and maintains a better supply chain of the PPE.

Emerge designed and launched the medPPE app as native iOS and Android apps that support English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. As the shape of the pandemic evolves, all PPE information is easily content managed via GraphCMS. This empowers a small team to distribute the most up-to-date PPE recommendations to thousands of essential healthcare workers across the globe within minutes, helping provide safe care to millions of patients. To allow for usage in remote areas with limited data access, all PPE information is accessible without a data connection, while seamlessly syncing the newest information from the CMS when data access is available.

The resulting medPPE app provides an easy-to-use interface for finding PPE requirements for healthcare workers. Everyone from emergency room physicians to lab technicians and security guards can quickly find the correct PPE requirements for their role, learn correct hygiene procedures, and share information with their colleagues.
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