Smartphone with TedX application

A New Way To Connect and Share Ideas

Client: TEDxPortland


Emerge had the pleasure of supporting the inaugural TEDxPortland event by partnering with Wieden+Kennedy and Second Story to develop a digital experience targeted at attendees of TEDxPortland event and celebratory afterparty on W+K's rooftop deck overlooking Portland. The project's goal was to use digital to amplify the TEDx experience and enhance people’s ability to connect with others and share ideas.

Smartphones with TedX application


At the center of the experience was a series of questions, ranging from silly to serious, for attendees to respond to. The Q&A was made available on a cross-platform mobile experience, themed to match the TEDxPortland branding. In addition, each guest was issued an individualized RFID tag that enabled them to bring up their profile and answer questions at a touchscreen kiosk. After completing the questions, guests were able to connect with others via their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts using a real-time relationship score that indicated certain points-of-view and interests they shared with others. Results and highlights were projected onto a large-screen interactive display, offering even more incentive for conversation and networking.

Person with smartphone using TedX application
Smartphone with TedX application
Person using TedX application kiosk
Collage of photos from TedX event


The experience was a big hit, with guests still answering questions through their mobile devices days after the event and staying connected with other party VIPs. For us, it was a chance to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in town.